Monday, April 9, 2007

Six year old Annie P.

Six-year-old Annie P.'s stepfather told her to set certain strangers into her Bussum, Holland, house after curfew...." Her stepfather never explained further but on his property where they lived he had a nursury and hid many Jews there. The Gestapo had been tipped off by neighbors regarding excess garbage - too much for just Annie's family. They had searched for Jews many time, found none, and were becoming more and more furious.

"One of these occasions, the officer in charge was particularly frustrated by still another fruitless foray by his troops. He questioned Annie: Did she know where Jews wer hiding? Annie said nothing. The German threw her down and kicked her again and again. Still Annie said nothing. She kept the secret. The Jews survived the war, but the vicious tkicking Annie received damaged her spine. Years and a number of unsuccesful operations later, she lost the use of her left leg and required a brace."

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