Monday, April 9, 2007

Johtje Vos was appalled that she risked her son's life...

"To this day, Johtje Vos is horrified by what she did. It was at a time when a member of their rescue network had been arrested. Everyone’s life was in danger. The Voses sat down with their fugitives to decide what to do. In preparation for a move to another hiding place, Johtje Vos had retrieved their real papers. Without warning, the Germans arrived. Aart Vos and the Jews ran for the tunnel. With the children upstairs napping, Johtje Vos realized she could not leave. She scooped up the papers and, desperate for a place to hide them, stuffed them into the pocket of the sweater her son was wearing. “Quietly try to get out of here and disappear with the papers,” she ordered him. He did as he was told. As it happened, no one was arrested, but it was the narrowest of escapes."

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